LOFE Story: Aaron Lawson

"As I've learned more about him, I see he's an artist without limitations. He has a lot he wants to do outside of cinematography."

I met Aaron Lawson during The LOFE Visionary Brunch in August of 2021. Daniel Udeogu, one of my co-founders, invited him out as he saw something in him I had yet to see. I often ask people specific questions about what they do, premised by my trusted circle's previous interactions with them. When I spoke with Aaron about his work, he gave me an answer that I was not ready to receive. His passion for filming was burning out, and his experiences in the industry had given him reason to reconsider what he was doing. I accepted his response for what it is was. Yet, my mind was disconnected, wondering what he wanted to do then. Only Aaron can answer that, and as I've learned more about him, he's got a lot he wants to do besides film as he's an artist without limitations.

As LOFE has progressed, and when it came time for us to shoot the visual for "Land," I asked Daniel if Aaron was still doing the work of filming. I don't spend time on social media for those who don't know. Most of my creativity derives from observations made in the natural world, books, and what I know of people comes from those I interact with in person. To keep up with society's current events, I read Bloomberg, The Atlantic, other various outlets, and local news. If I don't see you in person, I have no idea what it is you're doing, and I wish it were like that for all of us.

Nonetheless, I hadn't seen Aaron in person since The LOFE Visionary Brunch, and I needed to see him again to see where he was with the craft of filming. From there, Daniel connected with him, and I set up a meeting at my brother Chris Nzeakor's crib. Gauging where Aaron was, I caught a glimpse and learned what brought him to filming. He gave us insight into his brother, who is also in filming, his family in Nigeria and Ghana, and his journey to the states. We discussed a lot. Honestly, it was mostly me talking to him about our human purpose and what I believe God put us on this Earth to do. Nevertheless, he gave me insight into his world of work, and I gave him mine. In our discussion, he was generous to provide me with dreams of what he wanted to film, at least over the next couple of years.

While meeting, we played my song "Land" for him. I came to the discussion with a visual in mind, but his visual idea was different from my own. His creative mind began to flow, and he had an idea of what he wanted to see—me, in an open field, alone. I'm incredibly close to everything we have created within the LOFE organization. Still, I love to hear a perspective outside of my own. When another creative tells me they see something, my goal is always to empower and let others go with what they know. We live in a world that rarely allows us to see our ideas to fruition, and building on something LOFE created makes it more incredible. Before doing the shoot for "Land," Aaron sent us a visual concept of what he envisioned. It was a simple two scenes concept.

However, I saw a new version of Aaron that I had never seen before when we were on set. He was in power that day, directing and telling me everything he wanted me to do. I attended and listened to his words like a soldier and went wherever he told me to go. As the morning progressed, the more I felt him growing in strength. My guy was adamant about featuring the cows. All I know is that I saw someone, Aaron Lawson, and whomever he becomes, I'm for it.

Within the lyrics of the song "Land," I state, "if you got a vision, let's go!" Aaron has a vision, a brand, and LOFE is for him. We want him to win in his gifts and whatever God has given him to see. Daniel and I met with him for lunch within a few weeks following the shoot for "Land" to catch up and see where he is at on his journey. It was a great time, and if you need his assistance bringing your vision to life, contact him and let him move the way he moves to become who he is.